A most important concept in launching a technology initiative is demonstrating value to the business. Securing the buy-in of decision makers means there is commitment. Identifying an executive sponsor shows there is a top level champion for the idea. Producing a project plan that clearly outlines investment dollars, milestone dates, functions delivered and resources required demonstrates that the project is well thought out. Persuasive benefits prove that the undertaking will contribute to improving profitability, productivity and quality. WSI has the experience and the skills to bring together the stakeholders at all levels to form the winning partnership that will make it all happen!

With our unique approach we bridge the people with the smart ideas to the people who have the wherewithal to make it happen. We work with those affected by change to assess the impact on the business. We are conversant with industry leading tools that have proven value in incorporating the design ideas of the business experts.

Preparation and planning is the foundation of a solid project. The project plan clearly states how long it will take, what resources are required, the amount and sources of funding, the milestone dates and the significant deliverables expected. We provide the expertise and experience to assist the project participants in creating rigorous, comprehensive and realistic project plans. To round out the business plan, we specialize in the application of proven techniques to identify the verifiable and measurable benefits attributable to the technology initiative. Before you start, you know where the value is.
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