Available in 160 countries
Over 31000 organizations participating
Over 5 million computers physically connected
Approximately 35 million users
2500% projected annual growth rate of users
Average age of user moving towards more maturity (35 yrs.)
Ratio of women using the Internet is increasing (30%)
Most PCs will come equipped with internet access
PC sales will outperform television sales in 1995
Multimedia capability improving
Secured electronic commerce affordable and well adopted

You know it's not about web pages and hits, it's about sales and you want to maximize your potential.

Front-of-mind awareness
Brand recognition and Market testing
Providing up-to-date information and data
Setting yourself apart from the Crowd, Intelligently.
Taking orders on-line and Real-time inventory management
Interactivity with clients and suppliers
Low cost of delivery and direct to customer fulfillment.

These are just some of the major benefits of the Internet.

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